The Coptic ghost in those potential flights from Egypt

Let’s start with a few journalistic questions. Am I surprised that The New York Times has published a story on the possibility that freethinking Egyptians are beginning to flee their troubled nation or, at the very least, to debate whether it is time to do? No. That’s a perfectly valid news story. Am I surprised [Read More…]

And for the Copts, the winner is … the winner is?

First things first: I would like to stress that, while I am a member of an Orthodox Christian parish with historic ties to Arab Christianity, I do not speak Arabic. That said, I would think that this language deficit would make me a highly unlikely candidate to cover a major news event in which the [Read More…]

About the whole Jesus’ wife thing (Part 1)

Remember that front page New York Times story about Jesus’ wife? Yeah, about that … Well, earlier this month we learned from WBRZ: The Smithsonian Channel says the premiere of its documentary on a papyrus fragment that purports to show Jesus referring to his wife is being delayed until further tests can be done. And [Read More…]