Ghosts in interview with Navy SEAL sniper’s widow

This past weekend, The Dallas Morning News ran an in-depth story on Taya Kyle, widow of slain Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle. It’s one of those meaty, emotional stories that make Sunday the best day of the week to read the newspaper. (Unfortunately for non-subscribers, the nearly 2,000-word piece is mostly hidden behind a paywall.) Here’s the [Read More…]

In a twist, vague evangelicals all oppose immigration reform

Stop me if I sound like a broken record. Once or twice or maybe even three times, I’ve complained about major media reporting that the nation’s evangelicals — all acting in lockstep — have jumped on an immigration reform bandwagon. My concern about these stories has been purely journalistic: a lack of adequate reporting and sourcing to back [Read More…]

More vague evangelicals jump on immigration bandwagon

Last week, I complained about a front-page Tampa Bay Times story filled with broad generalizations about vague evangelicals advocating immigration reform. This, of course, wasn’t the first time I raised concerns about media treatment of this subject. Unfortunately, The Dallas Morning News did not get my memo. The Texas newspaper — duplicating the sketchy Florida report [Read More…]

Stenography vs. reporting: ‘Bias’ in the Lone Star State

Just the other night, I was watching an old episode of “The West Wing,” one of my all-time favorite television series. On this particular episode, a distinguished journalist returns from an important overseas assignment and finds himself stuck — as he sees it — in the White House press corps. “Why do you think the [Read More…]

Muslims believe in adoption, or do they?

The Dallas Morning News ran a tame little feature recently on efforts to recruit Muslim foster families in North Texas. By “tame little feature,” I mean a relatively shallow report that scratches at the surface of key questions. I’m a Morning News subscriber, so I was able to read the entire story (for non-subscribers, it’s [Read More…]