All Catholics oppose death penalty and all Baptists favor it?

In the wake of the nation’s first executions since Oklahoma’s botched lethal injection, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an interesting story on a young Republican concerned about the death penalty: Late Tuesday, as the clock approached midnight, Marcus Wellons rode to oblivion on a state-inserted needle, his punishment for the rape and murder of a young Cobb [Read More…]

Little argument, and little religion, after botched execution

This is the headline on a Washington Post follow-up on the recent big story in my home state: In Okla., little argument over the final outcome for inmate who died after botched execution Little argument and little religion, based on this rather shallow Post story. At GetReligion, we often refer to “holy ghosts.” In fact, [Read More…]

Journalism, religion and a botched execution in Oklahoma

What was it like? How do you feel? Years ago, when I covered the state prison system for The Oklahoman and began serving as an official media witness for executions, those were the kinds of questions friends asked. Truth be told, I felt numb. I mean, I knew I had watched someone die. But I did [Read More…]

People were massacred in North Korea for WHAT?!?

Contrary to popular belief, the mainstream press really isn’t very effective when it comes to telling individual citizens what to think. However, as the old saying goes, the leaders of the mainstream news media (ditto for Hollywood) are much more effective when it comes to telling the American population, as a whole, what subjects to [Read More…]

Death penalty in Cleveland horrors? Wait, who died?

Once again, let’s turn to the dictionary and that tricky word “fetus,” which has through the decades been at the heart of so many bitter newsroom arguments about abortion, morality, religion, science and law. fe·tus … pl. fe·tus·es … 2. In humans, the unborn young from the end of the eighth week after conception to [Read More…]