AP highlights Obama’s eisegesis — perhaps unwittingly

Without doubt, the job of president of the United States can easily drive someone one to drink — or to his knees in prayer.

It’s right there in history. Lincoln’s prayers during the Civil War are well-known, and the line extends to Richard Nixon (who reportedly dragged Henry Kissinger to his knees for a joint prayer at the height of Watergate) past Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush.

Now it is President Barack Obama’s turn in the religious spotlight, thanks to the Associated Press and reporter Josh Lederman, one of the wire service’s White House correspondents:

“President Barack Obama is not an overtly religious man. He and his family rarely attend church, and he almost never elaborates in public about his own relationship to his Christian faith.

“But far away from the public eye, his longtime advisers say, the president has carefully nurtured a sense of spirituality that has served as a grounding mechanism during turbulent times, when the obstacles to governing a deeply divided nation seem nearly insurmountable.”

Lederman is chiefly a political reporter and, naturally, the article views the president’s “sense of spirituality” through a political prism. A key player here, of course, is a former White House aide, the Rev. Joshua DuBois

“Obama is particularly moved by theories that draw connections between biblical themes and the personal journeys of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr., DuBois said. He added that the president’s spiritual strength is his belief that God will carry him through to see another day — even amid crises like the debt-and-spending debacle that’s ensnared Washington for the last month.”

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