Christian Science Monitor shows how it’s done

Kudos to the Christian Science Monitor for correcting is 10 August 2013 story entitled “Churches feel vulnerable after Mugabe reelected in Zimbabwe”. By moving quickly and acting openly, the Christian Science Monitor shows how a quality newspaper responds to a mistake. Well done!

On Monday I posted a story at Get Religion questioning the accuracy of the first version of the CSM story. I wrote:

The gist of the story entitled “Churches feel vulnerable after Mugabe reelected in Zimbabwe” printed on 10 August 2013 is correct — church leaders are worried what Robert Mugabe will do following his reelection as president — but the background information used to pad out the article is incorrect.

The mistake, I alleged came in the back half of the story when the CSM reported the former Anglican bishop of Harare, Dr. Nolbert Kunonga — a crony of Robert Mugabe and a bit of a bad hat  — had possession of the diocesan cathedral, an orphanage and the church’s bank accounts. I wrote this had been true, but:

I had reported all of these things almost two years ago for the Church of England Newspaper as had the secular press. Last year I reported on the expulsion of Dr. Kunonga from the cathedral and the return of the diocesan bank accounts and vehicles to Dr. Gandiya. Had something happened this past week?

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