‘Gaying the pray away,’ via the Washington Post

The best journalists strive to present facts without bias or editorial comment.

Then there’s the Washington Post Twitter page.

In reporting on Exodus International’s decision to shut down, whoever tweets for the Post chose op-ed cutesy over straight-news accuracy.

The Post’s tweet, sent to 1.7 million of the newspaper’s followers:

Gaying the pray away


What does that even mean?

Did the Post’s social-media gurus fear that a less-biased tweet wouldn’t draw as many clicks? This was the headline on the actual story to which the tweet linked:

Exodus International, criticized for ‘reparative therapies’ for gay Christians, to shut down

Now, that headline’s not perfect. I’d prefer one without scare quotes that describes what Exodus did in a less tilted manner. But it’s better than the tweet.

As we discussed in our previous post on Exodus last week, the media’s frequently referenced “pray the gay away” quote lacks a named source.

As our esteemed head GetReligionista — tmatt — has noted, “In all of my years covering ex-gays, I’ve never met anyone who actually claimed they could pray the gay away.”

Like the Associated Press and Religion News Service stories covered in the previous post, the Post article notes Exodus head Alan Chambers’ comments on theology and changing position on how to relate to the gay community:

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