A more graceful Ross joins GetReligion crew

Some folks get annoyed when they read a news story with holes, a piece with errors, prose with pockmarks. Me? I see it as an opportunity to learn and to teach. And when there’s nothing to fix, when all angles are covered and no questions remain by the ending, I rejoice and join in the [Read More…]

Another hack piece by CNN … maybe (Updated)

What’s good for the goose is good for, um, Sarah Pulliam Bailey. Right? Sarah, former online editor for Christianity Today and now managing editor for Odyssey Networks, spent three years as a GetReligion contributor before leaving us this past October. To be honest, I still haven’t forgiven Sarah for giving up her high-paying gig as a [Read More…]

A stone, but no tablet, at the emergency room

It’s been a difficult few weeks for your friendly neighborhood GetReligionistas. First, George endured major spinal surgery. Then Mollie seriously injured her ankle. I’ve got to tell you: I’ve been praying hard that tmatt — and not me — would be the next member of our team struck by a painful malady. But apparently, GR’s [Read More…]