Pentecostal gap in that LATimes immigration reform story

There was an important interfaith gathering the other day in Los Angeles that allowed some highly symbolic religious leaders to make a faith-based appeal for immigration reform. As you would expect, The Los Angeles Times produced a short news story that focused on the basic facts. The double-decker headline pronounced: Local religious leaders unite for [Read More…]

Evangelicals and immigration: Real data, real voices

A quick review before I get to the point of this post: • Back in January, I complained that CNN failed to provide any hard data to back up a breathless, one-sided report of “many” evangelicals warming to the need for immigration reform. • In February, I complained that a similarly vague Tampa Bay Times story [Read More…]

More vague evangelicals jump on immigration bandwagon

Last week, I complained about a front-page Tampa Bay Times story filled with broad generalizations about vague evangelicals advocating immigration reform. This, of course, wasn’t the first time I raised concerns about media treatment of this subject. Unfortunately, The Dallas Morning News did not get my memo. The Texas newspaper — duplicating the sketchy Florida report [Read More…]