Nuns, strippers and the never-boring Godbeat

Sister Mary Clarence could totally fix this: Nuns file suit over noisy strip club next door: — Kevin Eckstrom (@KevinEckstrom) June 18, 2014 Two words: nuns, strippers. AP colleague on this irresistible story also touching on zoning law, strip club rights: — Michael Tarm / AP (@mtarm) June 18, 2014 Suburban nuns [Read More…]

Wind of change comes sweeping down the plain

My home state of Oklahoma made big news Tuesday when a federal judge struck down the state’s ban on same-sex marriage. The New York Times noted that the ruling occurred in the “heart of the Bible Belt,” while The Associated Press characterized Oklahoma as “the buckle of the Bible Belt.” (Religion angle, anyone?) For the Tulsa [Read More…]

When religious liberty clashes with gay rights

This was the headline on a Wall Street Journal story this week: Some Businesses Balk at Gay Weddings And the subhead: Photographers, Bakers Face Legal Challenges After Rejecting Jobs on Religious Grounds At this point, the Journal arrives at a critical juncture: the lede. The opening sentences will give a pretty clear idea where this story [Read More…]

Jeers, not cheers, for latest cheerleader story

Ready? OK! In the midst of the Religion Newswriters Association annual meeting earlier this month, I did a quick, positive review of a New York Times story on a legal clash over Kountze, Texas, high school cheerleaders painting Bible-based messages on football banners. Since that first story, the same Times writer has written about the East Texas [Read More…]