Gay rights in San Antonio: simple quote, complex subject

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In San Antonio, a battle over a proposed ordinance to add “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” to the city’s nondiscrimination code has dominated headlines the last few weeks.

The San Antonio Express-News has been all over the story, including a report last week by award-winning Godbeat pro Abe Levy (who has been tweeting about the debate) on black and Latino clergy rallying against the measure.

A GetReligion reader complained that one story this week contained this criticism with no reference to a statement by Roman Catholic Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller:

Some in the gathering lamented the lack of more vocal opposition by the Archdiocese of San Antonio, which has supported the proposal’s spirit but has joined other pastors in expressing concerns about religious liberty and free speech.

True confession: I have not read all the coverage or even a huge amount of it.

So I want to be completely open about what I am about to do, which is to nitpick two paragraphs in a single story — today’s front-page report on the ordinance’s passage.

But before I get to those two paragraphs, here’s the top of the story:

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