Flooding the papal coverage zone

We’ve certainly seen some abysmally bad religion news coverage ever since Pope Benedict XVI announced he was stepping down. But we’ve also seen some absolutely fantastic coverage. (Before we continue, please note the wording on this image — “Specializes in pastoral work, an important skill as Pope.” Funny, no?) I sit in awe — every [Read More…]

Vatican secret ballots aren’t democratic?

Friends, I took a nasty fall a couple of days ago and have seriously injured my ankle. It’s not broken, but the ligament is barely hanging on to the ankle. Or so the doc says. Anyway, I’m hopped up on Percocet and it’s surprisingly difficult to get work done between the pain and the painkillers. [Read More…]

Pope Francis on Page 1: Best and worst of local reax

It’s another great day to be a newspaper junkie who enjoys checking out front pages across the nation after major breaking news. When tmatt saw the number of local reaction stories I planned to mention, he made me promise to keep this post under 5,000 words. I told him I’d hit the high points (and [Read More…]

Dudes with red hats deadlocked on pope winner

The religion news world remains on pope watch, awaiting the selection of Benedict XVI’s successor. Or, as a Twitter post by Religion News Service put it Tuesday afternoon: First day of voting for new #pope ends without a winner ow.ly/iPwA1 — ReligionNewsService (@ReligionNewsNow) March 12, 2013 Winner winner chicken dinner? Even though I am no [Read More…]

Fake bishop or episcopi vagantes?

Media outlets had a lot of fun with a recent story about a Vatican gatecrasher. A sample of the headlines include Time: Fake Bishop Tries to Sneak into Vatican Meeting; Vanity Fair: Theological Espionage! Fake Bishop Sneaks Into Vatican; NPR: At The Vatican, ‘No Rush’ To Set Conclave; And A Fake Bishop Tries To Get [Read More…]

Free the cardinals!

Yesterday tmatt asked readers to submit links to papal coverage that was particularly good or bad. I’m going to go ahead and put my responses in a separate post. It begins, as all our best material does, with a comment thread from last week: Julia says: Can’t find it now, but there was an article [Read More…]

NPR ‘looks’ at role for Catholic women

Yesterday, reader Ivan (aka @SlavicPolymath) tweeted: NPR Weekend Edition interviewing LCWR sister. Hoping beyond hope for balanced coverage, or I’ll sic @GetReligion on them. I asked him how it went. He replied by linking to his subsequent tweet, which read, simply: …NOPE. There was no transcript available at that time so I listened to the [Read More…]

Self-described way-devoted super-Catholics and the press

I already used this YouTube as art in a post last week but it really fits for this story. Really fits. In the clip above, Lutheran Satire makes fun of the type of “Catholic” used by the media in stories about the Roman Catholic Church. Somehow this video was stripped of satire, transformed into print [Read More…]