When a pastor has an affair and nobody’s talking

A megachurch pastor resigns after admitting an affair.

That sounds like a news story, right?

Only problem: Outside of an official church statement, nobody seems to be talking. Not the pastor. Not the congregation’s leaders. Not anybody close to the situation, really.

What’s a reporter to do?

Well, a creative journalist could do worse than to follow the lead of Orlando Sentinel writer Jeff Kunerth, who recently turned the above lemon of a scenario into not one but two pitchers of enterprising newspaper lemonade.

A GetReligion colleague shared this headline with our team this week, although the story is a couple weeks old:

Disgraced pastors who repent face long road back, experts say

The lede:

In a letter read to the congregation at Discovery Church, Pastor David Loveless admitted adultery, deceit, sinfulness, selfishness, broken trust and a violation of “everything I knew to be true and right.”

“I am broken beyond description,” he wrote.

Loveless resigned last month from the Orlando church he founded 29 years ago and, like many fallen preachers before him, now begins a restoration process. It won’t be easy, say experts.

Do you see what Kunerth did there?

He took the limited public facts available and used them as a peg for a larger story: It won’t be easy, say experts.

Keep reading, and the Sentinel story provides insight from four experts, including this one:

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