WPost team looks at politics in 2014, sees zero folks in pews

It’s time to set the wayback (actually, it’s WABAC) machine for the year 2003, when editors of The Atlantic Monthly published one of the most famous anecdotal ledes in the recent history of American politics. The article was called “Blue Movie: The “morality gap” is becoming the key variable in American politics” and the essay [Read More…]

Is there a religion ghost in Liz Cheney’s closet or not?

As we have watched the gossipy headlines roll past in recent days, I have found myself contemplating this question: Is it possible for anyone whose last name is “Cheney” to take a public stand that is not purely based on political considerations? I mean, I don’t know how many country clubs there are in Wyoming, [Read More…]

Obamacare, Medicaid, God and cameo journalism

In a rapidly changing media environment, news organizations must learn to do more with less. For example, I can’t imagine Reuters making more of a splash with less actual substance than it does with this story: Republican battles over Medicaid turn to God and morality I love a meaty piece of journalism, and if it [Read More…]

Southern Baptists on the downhill slide?

This just in from The Associated Press: Southern Baptists are having a tough time. But it’s not what you might think. Instead of declining membership and baptisms, the big worry for Southern Baptists appears to be — you guessed it — a weakening influence in American partisan politics: NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A decade ago, the Southern [Read More…]

Pod people: Concerning the IRS and the God squads

It’s a basic fact of life in American politics that nothing fires up the non-profit sector on the political right like the election of a strong president whose voter base is on the religious, cultural and political left. Thus, it’s no surprise that the election of President Barack Obama, an articulate believer from the heart [Read More…]

So, ‘broader societal problems’ in Newtown, or not?

It goes without saying that the GetReligion crew has been closely watching the coverage of the massacre in Newtown, Conn., waiting for religion shoes to drop. So far, other than coverage of the vigil services, the emphasis — especially at CNN — has been gun control, gun control, gun control. Since I know readers will [Read More…]