Billy Graham’s 95th birthday bash: Happy or harpy?

In the 1984 hit movie “Sixteen Candles,” Molly Ringwald’s character, Samantha Baker, awakens on what should be the biggest birthday of her life. Only, her family has forgotten the occasion. Overshadowed by her older sister’s impending nuptials, Samantha spends the day hoping one of her family members will remember. Hilarity ensues. Eventually everyone wishes her [Read More…]

Palinphobia hurts journalism

The Washington Post published something yesterday that it shouldn’t have. Why? Because it was false, as in fake. Nevertheless, it’s worth highlighting here for the lessons we can learn from it. The piece was headlined: Sarah Palin’s Plan to Reach Millions of Devoutly Religious People Through al Jazeera It’s since been completely rewritten — because [Read More…]

SPLC to get Sarah Palin treatment any day now

I want to talk about media coverage of the man who was convicted today of shooting up the Family Research Council. But let’s first go back to the horrible story about the murderous rampage that one disturbed individual went on in Arizona. The mainstream media narrative, initially, was that a right wing Tea Party supporter [Read More…]