Yes, we know two Orthodox bishops are missing in Syria

Editor’s note: This happens now and then, every two or three years. Two GetReligion writers jumped on the same news subject and then proceeded to write and post at precisely the same time. What are the odds? In this case, we will simply let the two posts stand as written. Yes, your GetReligionistas — the [Read More…]

Kidnapped Syrian bishops still missing, despite reports

Horrible news out of Syria, where two Orthodox bishops were kidnapped.  There hasn’t been enough coverage of this kidnapping and to say the coverage that’s out there is weak is an understatement. Take this story from Reuters (but don’t believe it, as I’ll explain later): Two kidnapped Syrian bishops freed: church official Kidnappers freed two [Read More…]

Syrian sniper offers thoughts on life, death and faith

Anyone who has been to the Middle East, or who has spent much time talking to natives of that troubled region, knows that there is much more to its conflicts than religion. At the same time, anyone who has visited the region, and talked to Jews, Christians and Muslims from its lands, knows that there [Read More…]

Generic Armenians fleeing Syria for no particular reason

For news consumers who are closely following events on the ground in Syria, especially those of us who are worried about the protection of religious minorities there, it will come as little surprise to learn that ethnic Armenians are fleeing the dangerous cities and towns of Syria. Logically enough, The New York Times reports that [Read More…]

Memory eternal: A giant of Orthodoxy has died

Let me state right up front that, as a member of an Antiochian Orthodox parish, this post hits close to home. However, this is also a story that is linked to one of the most important news trends in our world today, which is the growing state of chaos in Syria and the plight of [Read More…]

Economist offers rare insights into Salafists

I have a friend who once worked for Time (actually, several people fit under that umbrella) who once made a very interesting observation about the state of foreign news in that newsweekly, which was once famous for its excellent, sweeping coverage of world affairs. This correspondent noted that for several years, as Time coverage of [Read More…]