Tampa Bay tear jerker: A ‘former’ Baptist pastor?

The following is a picky little post about a story that kind of got under my skin today. It’s a human-interest story that, on one level, is about sports. But it’s not really a sports story. Please keep reading. No, it’s a tear-jerker piece from The Tampa Bay Times about a dying man who is [Read More…]

In a twist, vague evangelicals all oppose immigration reform

Stop me if I sound like a broken record. Once or twice or maybe even three times, I’ve complained about major media reporting that the nation’s evangelicals — all acting in lockstep — have jumped on an immigration reform bandwagon. My concern about these stories has been purely journalistic: a lack of adequate reporting and sourcing to back [Read More…]

Definition, please: Who are these evangelicals?

The Tampa Bay Times broke big news on its front page the other day. According to the Florida newspaper, there are 100 million evangelicals in the United States. Amazingly, all of them have decided to support immigration reform. Who knew evangelicals were so like-minded and all willing to follow the same unnamed leaders? But I [Read More…]