Inside the History Channel’s epic TV miniseries ‘The Bible’

This is one of those GetReligion follow-up posts where we basically say, “See, was that so hard?” Back in December, I raised a few questions about media coverage of “The Bible,” the epic miniseries that debuted Sunday night on the History Channel. In reading an in-depth feature by CNN Belief Blog co-editor Eric Marrapodi over the weekend, I [Read More…]

Coming soon to a TV near you: ‘The Bible’

It only took 2,000-plus years, but ‘The Bible” is making news. Seriously, both USA Today and the Wall Street Journal  ran features today on the epic miniseries scheduled to air next year on the History Channel. From USA Today: Famed television producer Mark Burnett tackles his projects with passion, but The Bible is a special labor of love. [Read More…]