Middle East stories: The territory includes religion

Terrorists may have declared a new Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, but coverage of their actions is all over the map. Some media fixate on the land or tribal alliances. Some dig into history or listen to Washington. Few look at religious roots of the conflict. The new angle is that the leader, Abu [Read More…]

Mandela the sinner? Mandela the prophet? Yes, cover both

One of the greatest mysteries in life is the moral complexity that is often found in the hearts of great men and women who live truly great lives and, even, in their best moments perform great deeds that can be called blessed, or even holy. There is no question that the turning points in the [Read More…]

Porn: crack cocaine for Christian men?

No, this post isn’t a totally blatant attempt to drive up pageviews by including “porn” in the title. It’s only partially about that. Seriously, The Daily Beast ran a news-feature last week on a Baptist pastor who has launched an Internet campaign to recruit 1 million men to say goodbye to smut. The lede: Pornography will [Read More…]

Daily Beast: Bridezillas vs. old-fashioned ties that bind

And now for something completely different. Yes, I am about to praise an article published by The Daily Beast. Yes, I know this is a first-person article, written in a magazine-journalism style. Yes, I know that it is a work of advocacy journalism, one written by a scribe who describes her point of view as [Read More…]

Victoria’s Secret is way sexier than faith details

At first glance, the current mini-wave of news coverage of former underwear model Kylie Bisutti is nothing more than a chance — in this search-engine-driven world in which we live — to slide the mouse-click friendly terms “God” and “Victoria’s Secret” into the same headline. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. On closer inspection [Read More…]