Putting a human face on illegal immigration

Get Religion crickets, prepare to chirp. You guessed it: I’m going to write about media coverage of evangelicals and immigration reform. Again To read my previous posts, click here, here, here and here. My basic complaint in each of those posts: broad generalizations about a complicated issue. More than once, I have voiced my desire to see a reporter [Read More…]

Meet Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey, minus the faith

A decade ago, as a Tennessee-based religion and enterprise writer for The Associated Press, I profiled Dave Ramsey. I opened my 2003 story this way: NASHVILLE, Tenn. — A chorus of cheers filled the Cornerstone Church’s arena-style sanctuary as Christian financial guru Dave Ramsey snapped a pair of metal scissors. The crowd squealed with delight [Read More…]

Too little news, too much analysis?

A flurry of e-mailed links to religion news stories flies back and forth each day among your friendly neighborhood GetReligionistas. If a contributor wants to take a crack at a particular story, that person calls “Dibs!” We review many more stories than we have time or space to critique, evidenced by the 3,798 items in [Read More…]