Liberal media? Yes, say some journalists

I caught this news via a tweet from Mark Hemingway, half of the former GetReligion power couple (side note: We miss you, Mollie!): BREAKING! “Journalist consensus: Media leans left” — Mark Hemingway (@Heminator) December 18, 2013 Methinks that the “BREAKING!” nature of that Twitter post was an editorial comment on the part of Mark, a [Read More…]

Pod people: media struggles mightily with abortion coverage

On this week’s Crossroads, host Todd Wilken and I discussed that embarrassing BuzzFeed confusion — or defiant ignorance, really — about basic and widespread traditional Christian teaching on evil. We also discussed the curious way in which the Washington Post is downplaying even local abortion “crime” stories. Three abortion doctors had their licenses suspended after [Read More…]