Identity Politics Hates STEM


The nerdy faith that STEM is a haven from New Left identity politics has been proven to be naive by the firing of James Damore at Google.

The New Left does not believe that nature gives us moral guidance of any kind. It is just another enemy.

The only thing that matters is power.

And if there is a biological basis for vocational aptitudes for the sexes, too bad for biology.

To concede such would mean there will always be an uneven distribution of power in society, because some jobs will always have more economic leverage, and higher prestige and pay, than others.

This is unacceptable for the identity politics crowd; as Damore’s account in WSJ today makes clear.

The thing that is unimaginable to the STEM crowd is the willingness of the SJWs to undermine not just economic institutions, but science itself.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see funding sources for research into male and female brain chemistry and structure feel the pinch, and even dry up.

No peace is possible with the New Left. It is a plague upon the western mind, a death wish. We must contain it and let it feed upon itself until it is gone.

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