“Silence and stillness”

“That which is truly great grows unnoticed, and silence at the right moment is more fruitful than the constant activity that only too easily degenerates into spiritual idleness. In the present age, we are all possessed by a strange restlessness that suspects any silence of being a waste of time and any kind of repose as being negligence. We forget the real mystery of time, the real mystery present in growth and activity. That mystery involves silence and stillness. Even in the religious sphere we tend to expect and hope for everything from our own activity…. And yet in the religious sphere receptivity is at least as important as activity…. Salvation comes not from human beings and their own powers but solely from God and his gracious action. God intervenes where there is a human vacuum; he starts at the point at which, from the human point of view, nothing can be done.”

Pope Benedict XVI, in Dogma and Preaching



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