MSNBC’s Hate Unleashes Twitter Storm of Racial Harmony

The interesting part about the fallout from MSNBC’s hateful Cheerios/”right-wing” dustup is that everybody wins.

MSNBC followers win because the network just said what they and their viewers know to be a rock-solid truth, regardless of anything like evidence or logic: conservatives are all racist.

So, when they tweet this in reference to the Cheerios ad featuring a bi-racial family…

… they’re just reaffirming their own and their audience’s bias, because belief in limited government and personal freedom means you automatically hate people who look different than you. (Which party had an Exalted Cyclops of the Klan as a respected elder statesmen and opposed the Civil Rights Act, and which one ended slavery?)

Cheerios wins because you just can’t buy that kind of publicity. Also, the kid’s pretty cute:

YouTube Preview Image

And on Twitter, conservatives have turned MSNBC’s kneejerk idiocy to their advantage with the hashtag #MyRightWingBiracialFamily. People from the right are tweeting photos of their multi-racial families using the hashtag, which started with writer Michelle Malkin (the victim of incessant racist and sexist comments from the left for years) and just snowballed.

Predictably, people came back with stupid and hateful messages, such as saying that even if a conservative white person marries a black person, the white person’s still a racist because something something Obama.

Yeah, I don’t get it either, but leftism isn’t grounded in reality in the first place. If Democratic social and economic policies are so wonderful for minorities, why don’t they work? Could it be that their patronizing, paternalistic, infantalizing character is more deeply rooted in racism than the freedom of opportunity, equality under the law, and personal responsibility offered by conservatives?

Predictably, the reaction to the hashtag was enthusiasm from the right, and hatred from the left.

After posting this pic, Cong. Tim Huelskamp was even accused of renting a black family:

See, it’s easy for a modern leftist to identify a racist without ever hearing a word from his lips, or even in the face of photographic evidence: you’re a racist if you don’t agree with the left. Going with this assumption saves an awful lot of effort that might be chewed up by the hard work of thinking for yourself and judging each person as you encounter them: like individuals.

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  • Guest

    It’s just as abhorrent to select any one instance and identify this or that party as racist or inclusive based on that single event. Generalizations are unfair and inappropriate in most circumstances. For example, I can point to North Carolina’s new voter suppression laws and conclude that the Republicans in charge of the legislature and the governor are racist bigots. However, having no personal contact with any member of the legislature, this would be an unfair judgement on my part. Similarly, whenever an individual advocates for a position contrary to Christian values (e.g., removing nativities from courthouses), it would be unfair to label that individual as un-American or as a traitor (a tactic that the Right, particularly Fox News pundits, have engaged in). I would point out that many throughout history, on either side of the political spectrum, have attempted to employ the “I have black friends argument, so I cannot be a racist” while simultaneously espousing policies and practices overtly prejudicial in nature; the argument does not hold water.

    Your post resembles a partisan diatribe more than it does a well-reasoned, objective response to (what really is) a political faux pas on the part of MSNBC. I mean, “maybe the rightwing will hate it” doesn’t really translate into the “belief in limited government and personal freedom means you automatically hate people who look different than you.” It’s as if you believe that exaggeration involving the possible implications of one comment allows you to make hyperbolic comments of your own. Mountains out of molehills. Yawn.

  • Pat68

    One little word would have made all the difference. Like substituting the word “bigot” for “rightwing”.

  • Frank

    So you respond to leftist stereotypes of conservatives by filling your response with conservative stereotypes of leftists. How clever of you. Then you say we should treat each person as an individual. Ooh, the irony.

  • Suzanne

    “…features the same fictional biracial family that sparked a conservative backlash last year”

    That’s an odd thing. I remember last year reading a couple of news articles claiming that that many people around the US were upset by a new Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family. Oddly, these articles never quoted a single person who was upset, nor did they link to any website where people were complaining about the commercial. It was another week or so before I saw the commercial that was supposedly ginning up so much controversy aired on actual television; admittedly I don’t watch a lot of television, but I do watch some, and you’d think a commercial that had aired often enough to have lots of ordinary Americans up in arms wouldn’t have slipped totally by me like that.
    Still, the reports said lots of people were upset, so I guess there must have been upset people–even though I never encountered a single negative comment about the commercial, either in real life or online. I guess I’m just not hanging out in the right white supremacist or anti-miscegenation promoting places. And it’s probably just cynical of me to suspect Cheerio’s PR people of inventing the whole thing to draw attention to their new commercial.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    So you’re saying you don’t understand what a stereotype is, correct? Because saying those on the right are racist is a stereotype. Saying the social and economic policies of the left have been failures is a statement of fact. See also: Poverty, War on; failure of.

  • Andy

    In your opinion of course – there is no evidence to say that the social/economic policies of the left are failures – stereotypes work in both directions.

  • Thomas L. McDonald

    A critique of policy is not a stereotype.

  • Sir Mark

    Hey, Guest,
    This voter “suppression law” of which you speak. Does it involve showing an I.D. to vote? Why do folks on the left think certain people are too stupid to get in I.D.? I certainly don’t believe that, but apparently you do.

  • Thomas R

    I’m far from a Leftist, but there is evidence “The War on Poverty” did succeed in one area: Poverty among the elderly. I can’t remember where I found the statistic, but the rate of poverty among the elderly is significantly lower than in 1964.

    But yeah overall it doesn’t look to have worked too well. Although I’m not sure the Right did especially well either on poverty.

  • Frank

    What does my comment have to do with critiquing left wing policies? Nothing at all. You wrote, for example: according to leftists, “you’re a racist if you don’t agree with the left.” And earlier you wrote that MSNBC confirmed the “leftist” view that conservatives are all racists. Moreover, when you made reference to leftist policy (and by “leftist” here we’re talking about mainstream Democratic and Republican policies in the 60s and 70s), you did so in ways that, to put it kindly, begged the question and reinforced the usual conservative stereotypes about the left.

    The clear intent of my comment was to point out that you are painting those on the left with as broad a brush as the stupid MSNBC tweet used to paint conservatives. Your post essentially says that leftists all think and feel alike with regard to conservatives and racism. You can’t seriously think anyone would read what you wrote and conclude that you were adopting an even-handed view that recognized a wide array of views on the left, can you? Heck, you didn’t even bother to mention that MSNBC itself denounced the tweet in question!