Amazon Is Selling Abortifacients

Amazon is now selling the abortion drug Plan B. Take a look:

The reviews are a glimpse into the depths of a morally ruined nation.

I would say that “It’s not a baby if I don’t think it’s a baby” is merely an example of the magical thinking you find in children, except children, when you explain exactly what abortion is, are uniformly horrified by it. When I first told my kids, in the most euphemistic way possible, what abortion was, both of them were dumbstruck. “Who would do that?” they asked. My son called it “monstrous.” My daughter refused to believe at first that a mother could destroy a growing, unborn life. It runs counter the very essence of humanity, and it requires a radical amount of self-delusion to maintain the view that abortion is okay.

Plan B is now only a click away to anyone in the country, although whether or not it will arrive in time to be “useful” (defined as the drug defines “useful,” that is: snuffing out a unique human life) is up for debate.

Moving this dangerous drug to over-the-counter sales was one of the most crassly political decisions in recent times, showing a complete elevation of political calculus and zealotry over the health risks to women. Amazon’s participation in this is deeply disturbing. I rarely support boycotts, so I’m not sure what a proper response to this will be, but simply speaking up is a start.

Welcome to the Culture of Death, now conveniently delivered to your front door. They’ve monetized murder.

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