Prayer Requests

Please remember the following in your prayers: For A-, a child who was badly burned this week, that he may be given comfort from his pain and complete healing; and for his family, that they may be consoled in this difficult time. For M-, that her doctors may find the cause of, and proper treatment for, [Read More...]

Mark Shea and I On The Radio: Tonight at 6pm EST

The Mighty Shea has a new radio show on Radio Maria, and he’s yakking with me tonight (November 19th) at 6:00 because all the best guests were busy or something. We’ll be talking about death and ghosts in the Church, maybe some tech talk and some tarot debunking, and possibly recount that crazy summer we [Read More...]

Ivy Wishes You a Happy Halloween


  Pumpkin spice flavored pooch. [Read more...]

Me, On the Radio

Yeah, I know: whoop-de-do. Anyway, I’m on Register Radio Talking about The Rule and St. Benedict’s Prep. Register Radio airs worldwide Fridays at 2:00 p.m. EDT and encores Saturday: 8:00 p.m. and EDT Sunday: 11:00 a.m. on 270+ EWTN AM & FM affiliates across the U.S., as well as on SiriusXM Satellite Radio (channel 130,) and [Read More...]

“Down From Dover” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. Dolly Parton: “Down From Dover” The one and only Dolly, with one of her most poignant songs, about a woman left pregnant and abandoned by her lover. Controversial in its time, she later recut it for her bluegrass album Little Sparrow. The later version is superior and adds a verse, but I [Read More...]

A Saint Has Passed

fr groeschel

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, who passed away this morning, would snort at the headline to this post, and say something pithy and dismissive in his Jersey accent, but if he’s not already in heaven, he’s well on his way.  He was with us much longer than he thought he would be because, as he always assumed, God [Read More...]

The St. Rose Safety Patrol is Expecting Rain


Lots of rain. Competition in the Gorton Fisherman Lookalike Contest was always stiff at St. Rose’s (St. Rose School Safety Patrol, Belmar, NJ: 1956. Photo from Robert Pringle).   [Read more...]

The Angry St. Thomas Aquinas Metal Balloon Animal Sculpture

Thomas Aquinas: Terminator

During our travels, we attended mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville). This hulking monstrosity squats outside like an angry sentinel daring people to be Catholic. My son dubbed it “St. Thomas Aquinas Prime” and wondered if it was made of transformium. The parish is actually quite lovely and thriving, [Read More...]