The End, and a Beginning

There have been a lot of changes for me this past year. Games Magazine, where I was Editor-at-Large for about 17 years, was folded into a sister publication, reducing my responsibility to only two pages a month. I left Maximum PC magazine after being one of its original writers and longest-running columnist, a tenure of [Read More…]

Instant Holy Ghost!

Just add water!    [Read more…]

Sorry For the Long Silence

It’s been a rough few weeks here. I was sick, and that turned into pneumonia which I just can’t shake. Just to break things up and keep them interesting, we had a tornado, which knocked out power for days. I’m supposed to do nothing, which isn’t as easy as it should be. Thanks for your [Read More…]

Tool Helps Companies Identify Slavery in Their Supply Chains

Slavery is a default condition in human society. Only as culture and Christianity advanced were we able to finally make headway against it, but it’s far from gone. Americans have a particularly narrow understanding of the issue because of our history with African slavery and the Civil War that ended it. We tend to think all forms [Read More…]

Pope To Join “Frasier” Reunion?

Another Papal Visit logo:   It reminds me of something… Is it just me? Probably. I kid, I kid. I actually don’t mind it that much. It’s clean and simple and does the logo thing well enough. [Read more…]

The Strange “Love” of Ayn Rand

Blank on Blank makes animated shorts from interview clips, and now they’re treating us to love advice from Ayn Rand. That this repellant woman is the It Girl of the contemporary Republican Party (decades after Buckley and Chambers identified the evil at the heart of her philosophy) is just depressing. [Read more…]

“The eraser is an instrument of the devil” Sez Credentialed Moron

They give degrees out to just anyone these days: The eraser is an instrument of the devil because it perpetuates a culture of shame about error. It’s a way of lying to the world, which says ‘I didn’t make a mistake. I got it right first time.’ That’s what happens when you can rub it [Read More…]

Blogging Will Remain Light

I enjoyed my Spring break so much that I decided to extended it … by getting sick! I had hoped to return with a How I Pray today and then Regularly Scheduled Blogging, but that will have to wait for a little while. In the mean time, enjoy this medieval illumination of a rabbit holding [Read More…]