A Saint Has Passed

fr groeschel

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, who passed away this morning, would snort at the headline to this post, and say something pithy and dismissive in his Jersey accent, but if he’s not already in heaven, he’s well on his way.  He was with us much longer than he thought he would be because, as he always assumed, God [Read More...]

The St. Rose Safety Patrol is Expecting Rain


Lots of rain. Competition in the Gorton Fisherman Lookalike Contest was always stiff at St. Rose’s (St. Rose School Safety Patrol, Belmar, NJ: 1956. Photo from Robert Pringle).   [Read more...]

The Angry St. Thomas Aquinas Metal Balloon Animal Sculpture

Thomas Aquinas: Terminator

During our travels, we attended mass at St. Thomas Aquinas Church at the University of Virginia (Charlottesville). This hulking monstrosity squats outside like an angry sentinel daring people to be Catholic. My son dubbed it “St. Thomas Aquinas Prime” and wondered if it was made of transformium. The parish is actually quite lovely and thriving, [Read More...]

Internet, Meet Ivy


Ivy, meet the Internet. They love cute puppies more than porn and selfies combined. I’ve been wrapping the summer up with a vacation: boating, Mount Vernon, Spy Museum, Shakespeare, and other to-ings and fro-ings. Overall, a rousing success, ending with a new addition to the family. Because I don’t want to let the internets down [Read More...]

Begin the Novena For Religious Freedom Today

I will be joining millions of others in fasting today and praying for Christians who are being persecuted for their faith. The scope of the bloodshed and horror unfurling right now in the Middle East is almost unimaginable, and it is sweeping Sunni as well as Christian into its voracious maw. It is a holocaust [Read More...]

Five Years of Patheos, Two Years of Me: #Patheos5yrs


I wasn’t a Catholic blogger when Elizabeth Scalia asked me to join team Patheos Catholic a few years ago. I was a game blogger, as in video games, board games, puzzles: the sort of thing I do in my day job as a tech journalist and an editor of a game magazine. Elizabeth saw my [Read More...]

Our Funny Little Satanist Friends Made a Statue!

From The Devil Rides Out (Hammer Films, 1968)

Aw, innit cute!? Didn’t I see this in Hammer’s The Devil Rides Out? Rad. Good movie. I think I’ll base my entire life, being, and belief system upon it. The overgrown teenagers of the Satanic Temple in New York have raised $30,000 to bronze this turd and plop it in front of the Oklahoma State [Read More...]

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Moral Outrage

I am the least sporty person you’ll ever meet. I’ve never watched an entire football, hockey, soccer, or major league baseball game, ever. I took the kids to minor league games for the Camden Riversharks a couple times, and it was fun … ish. (I have, however, attended 5 professional golf tournaments and used to [Read More...]