Archbishop Chaput’s Statement on the Reversal of Msgr. Lynn’s Conviction

As received from the Diocese of Philadelphia, no comments added or subtracted:  Dear friends in Christ, On December 26, Pennsylvania’s Superior Court unanimously reversed the 2012 conviction of Msgr. William Lynn on a charge of endangering the welfare of children. At my direction, the Archdiocese has provided 10 percent of Msgr. Lynn’s bail – $25,000 – [Read More...]

Please Join Us In This Prayer At Noon


The pope is calling the world to a moment of prayer today at noon, local time, to end hunger. The effort begins in Samoa and then rolls across the world every hour for 24 hours. Catholic or not, Christian or not, join us in prayer: O God, you entrusted to us the fruits of all [Read More...]

Verbum Bible Software Black Friday Code

Just use coupon code VERBUMBLACKFRIDAY to get 15% off new Verbum Plus Libraries. [Read more...]

Have a Happy


Some quick housekeeping notes: Thanks to all of you for reading, and for those who use my Amazon links or Buy the Blogger a Cup of Coffee buttons. God bless you on this day of national Thanksgiving, on which we remember the good things God has given us. I’m coming to the end of my [Read More...]

Shopping at Amazon for Christmas and Hanukkah This Year?


 As a member of the Associates program, I get a very small commission on each sale IF you got to Amazon from my page links. If you enjoy what you read here, it’s a good way to support the site. Thanks. Or, if you like, you can try this PayPal thing I just put together, [Read More...]

Send David Greydanus to Guatemala

David is a fine young man and is planning his mission trip to serve those in need in Guatemala. Help him out! My name is David Greydanus. I’m a high school sophomore and a volunteer for Youth Service International. For 10 years, YSI has organized volunteer trips to assist the poorest communities in Guatemala. The [Read More...]

Stupid Things Christians Do: Tract Tips

2013-11-10 12.20.50

And by “Christians” I mean “Protestants,” primarily fundamentalist southern evangelicals. This post went viral last week. It shows a fake “$10″ tract left as an actual tip for a waitress. The internet’s amplifying qualities made this seem like something new, but it’s not: “tract tips” are an old trick used by certain kinds of evangelicals [Read More...]

The Sacramental Quality of Teatime, Mickey Mouse, Lon Chaney, and More: Sickbed Linkaround


I got a virus last week, and thought I’d just take a couple days, wait for it pass, and return today. Here is George Takei imitating the response of my damaged immune system to that idea: I sat around all day Thursday watching the extended edition of The Hobbit and watching the first four hours [Read More...]