“3 Shades of Black” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. “3 Shades of Black”: Hank Williams III This is darker than most, and Hank 3 seems to kind of enjoy it that way. I’m less struck by the lyrics than I am by the eerie resemblance of his voice his grandfather’s. The song certainly not to every taste, and lacks the moral core [Read More...]

Idaho Ministers May Be Forced to Perform Gay Weddings


I can’t say I’m very surprised by reports that an ordained minister who runs a wedding chapel is being compelled to perform gay “marriages.” We always knew the gay lobby was lying when they claimed people with traditional religious beliefs had nothing to fear from the advance of the gay agenda. A movement built entirely on [Read More...]

The “Thank You God the Synod Is Over” Post


Well, that was fun, and by “fun” I mean “let’s never do that again.” At least not for another year. What a mess. The twitchy year leading up to the Synod on the Family has seen a steady rise in anxiety in the very tiny corner of the Catholic pool represented by social media and [Read More...]

A Newark School Changes Lives With the Rule of St. Benedict


My story on The Rule, a documentary about the remarkable St. Benedict’s Prep, is up at the Register: From its founding in 1868, St. Benedict’s Prep was the place where generations of Catholics, many of them immigrants, sent their boys to be educated. It was a “white working man’s prep school in a white working-class [Read More...]

“Long Black Train” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. Josh Turner: “Long Black Train” This one’s not too dark, but I like the Christian message of choosing “victory in the Lord above” over riding the devil’s train, and Josh Turner has one of the best voices in contemporary country. [Read more...]

“Angel of Death” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. Hank Williams: “Angel of Death” Hank again (it always comes back to Hank), with a down-tempo meditation on death asking a simple question: “are you ready?” Like so much country music, the dark themes aren’t just for kicks: they’re a serious warning for people to prepare to meet the Lord, just like [Read More...]

North Carolina Satanist Killed and Ate Two Victims


A North Carolina man named “Pazuzu Algarad” (he changed it to the name of the demon from The Exorcist) has apparently confessed to murdering two men and eating parts of their bodies during Satanic rituals. The men–Joshua Wetzler, age 37, and Tommy Welch, 26–were then buried in his backyard with the help of two women. [Read More...]

Facebook Offers Something Useful


I didn’t put “for a change” in the headline, but it’s implied. After a disaster, phone lines can be stressed to breaking by people checking on loved ones. Now, Facebook offers Safety Check, so people can alert loved ones to how they’re doing following a disaster, and others can check on the status of friends [Read More...]

Frozen Eggs? Apple & Facebook Have You Covered


Are you a driven professional woman who wants to silent that ticking body clock so you can focus on your career? Apple and Facebook have your back: they’re providing up to $20,000 in coverage for egg freezing so women have a greater chance of conceiving late in life. Apple will begin paying for employees to [Read More...]

“If I Die Young” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. The Band Perry: “If I Die Young” The combination of Kim Perry’s sweet voice, the rather jaunty descriptions of her rotting corpse, and a good hook made this an odd song to become a breakout hit, but it shows that new country knows its roots, and has plenty of life left in [Read More...]

A Guide to Spiders


Don’t click on this story. Really, seriously. Just don’t. I did, and now I have that to live with among the other fears that plague my waking thoughts and haunt my dreams. This is all you need to know about spiders: [Read more...]

“Midnight in Montgomery” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series introduction and other entries. Alan Jackson: “Midnight in Montgomery” Alan Jackson is probably my favorite country singer/songwriter working today. In this one, he encounters the ghost of Hank Williams. [Read more...]

Baal Cultic Complex Discovered in Israel


This is a pretty big find, and the connection to Baal seems likely: A massive cult complex, dating back about 3,300 years, has been discovered at the site of Tel Burna in Israel. While archaeologists have not fully excavated the cult complex, they can tell it was quite large, as the courtyard alone was 52 [Read More...]

“The Ghost in This Guitar” [Dark Country: Songs For October]

Series Intro: October is a month of lengthening shadows and stirring shades, as the chill creeps in, all things green turn beautiful colors before dying, and the dark presses ever closer. Country and traditional music captures darkness the way no other genre really does. Songs of loss, damnation, violence, madness, murder, suicide, and terrors of [Read More...]

The Great Tree Massacre of Farm Sim 15

Sad Treebeard doesn't like this post

I wrote about the strange little niches of simulation and strategy gaming in Simulating The Mundane, And What It Means. I also noted the appearance of a Street Sweeper simulator, apparently aimed at OCD sufferers who don’t find enough opportunities to make things just right in the real world. Thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun (the last [Read More...]