The “Sewing Hand” [Beautiful Machines]

Mechanical 'Sewing Hand' by Josef Madersperger (Technisches Museum Wien)

Josef Madersperger invented an early sewing machine that attempting to mimic the action of the human hand. [Read more...]

Ronald Walter’s Marble Machine [Beautiful Machines]


Not all beautiful machines need to be useful. Ronald Walter describes his wooden Rube Goldberg machine as “an awkward, overly complicated mechanism for the sole purpose of entertainment and to make noise in the process.” Click the link to see details of his work.       [Read more...]

240-Year-Old Automaton [Beautiful Machines]


[Read more...]

Crandall: New Model Typewriter, 1886 [Beautiful Machines]

Quin, Liam R. E.: “Typewriters from the Martin Howard Collection” (2008)

    See more at Antique Typewriters. [Read more...]

Introducing a New Feature: App o’ the Mornin’

"App o' the Mornin'? If ya makin' funna the way I talk, I'll boost ya feckin' nose."

Back in ye olden days, I had a semi-popular gaming blog with daily feature called the App o’ the Mornin’. It was called that because I 1) reviewed an app and 2) posted it in the morning. Since it was a gaming blog, I stuck to games, but I’ve decided to bring the feature over [Read More...]