Monday Morning Chicken

A special video feature: Amber the Speckled Sussex, eating watermelon. PS: Sorry for the link. Something is messed up with the embedding.   [Read more...]

Monday Morning Chicken


Close-up of Diamond, the Silver-Laced Wyandotte: our best looking chicken. My daugher was going to show her at the county fair this year, but she (the chicken, not my daughter) is too young by a few weeks. Isn’t it interesting that 4H has higher standards for displaying farm animals than child beauty pageants have for [Read More...]

Monday Morning Chicken

Ruby the Rhode Island Red

A friend advised me (quite reasonably) that two back-to-back posts on medical ethics was a bit heavy, so here’s a picture of one of my new chickens to lighten the mood. Internet, this is Ruby the Rhode Island Red. Ruby, meet the internet. She’s only a few days old in this picture. Be nice to [Read More...]