Retinal Implants Giving Sight to the Blind

A team at Stanford University is closer to creating a functional implant that can restore sight to the blind. The rig recalls Geordi LaForge’s visor from Star Trek: The Next Generation, with a pair of glasses fitted with a video camera beaming near-infrared light onto a chip implanted in retina. This implant stimulates nerves in the back of [Read More...]

Paralyzed Woman Walks Marathon With Bionic Suit

Claire Lomas, paralyzed from the chest down, has completed the London Marathon, 16 days after it began. She was able to do it thanks to a ReWalk suit, which provides a motorized exoskeleton that allows the paralyzed to walk upright. The suit has leg supports fitted with motorized hips and knees, a body harness, a [Read More...]

Tactile Gloves Allows Deaf/Blind to Text

The Lorm hand touch alphabet allows people to communicate with someone who is both deaf and blind by using tactile signing. The system assigns different letters to different places on the hand, and someone touches the different places on the hand to spell out messages. Now, Germany’s Design Research Lab has created a glove fitted with textile [Read More...]

Prosthetics Through Time

This beautiful series of photographs from the BBC shows how people have created artificial limbs as far back as ancient Egypt. There’s a poignant beauty to many of these creations, particularly the steel and brass arm pictured above, which dates from some time between 1840 and 1940. From the past, we turn to two visions of [Read More...]

Reinventing the Wheelchair

Just go ahead and watch it. From Tek RMD. More at Reuters. [Read more...]