How I Pray: Will Duquette


Will Duquette blogs at Cry ‘Woof’–And let slip the dogs of whimsy. He has the sharp mind you’d expect from someone who’s both a Dominican and a software engineer, but a light touch that makes his writing appealing and accessible. His series on Bootstrapping the Interior Life should be a starting point for people looking to [Read More...]

How I Pray: Lisa Hendey


I don’t know how Lisa Hendey can do half the things she does and still maintain a prayer life. She’s a speaker, writer for multiple sites and publications, founder of, and author of The Grace of Yes, The Handbook for Catholic Moms and A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms. And today she joins me for How I Pray. [Read More...]

How I Pray: Elizabeth Scalia


I read The Anchoress long before I knew her as Elizabeth Scalia, and have always considered her one of the best Catholic writers around. She’s editor of the Catholic Channel here at Patheos, and author of Strange Gods and I Don’t Want to be a Hoo-er: Essays on Faith, Family and Foolishness. Today she’s here to answer the question, [Read More...]

How I Pray: Fr. Steve Grunow

Fr. Stephen Grunow

As the CEO of Word on Fire Catholic Ministries and Executive Producer for Father Robert Barron‘s projects, Father Steve Grunow is one of the key figures in some of the most impressive modern evangelism in the world. He’s also a fine writer, a nice guy, and I understand he can bench press a Dodge Dart. [Read More...]

How I Pray: Jimmy Akin


Every Monday in How I Pray, I ask various Catholics about their prayer routines, their prayer lives, and their experience of prayer. This week I’m joined by the great apologist Jimmy Akin, whose clear and irenic explanations of Catholic teaching are always a welcome oasis in the often-fractious world of online Catholicism. Who are you? [Read More...]

Gee, Thanks Oswald: On Distractions In Prayer


This inane quote from Oswald Chambers showed up in my Twitter feed: Don’t say, “Oh, Lord, I suffer from wandering thoughts.” Don’t suffer from wandering thoughts. Which is just so … useless. All I could think of was this: Chambers rails against our “individual natural lives.” But these lives, flaws and all, are what we’re given to work [Read More...]

How I Pray: Jeff Miller, The Curt Jester


The Curt Jester was one of the first Catholic blogs I read, and I’ve always enjoyed Jeff Miller’s humor and his common sense take on the faith. I’m glad to have made his acquaintance via Facebook, where we’re able to talk about apps and make bad puns at each other. Jeff is a fellow techie, [Read More...]

How I Pray


Lifehacker has a series called “How I work” in which they put a set of questions to various tech leaders and business people to learn their techniques and tools for getting things done.  I decided to shamelessly rip off the format for a series called “How I pray.” Two things I’ve noticed: people tend to [Read More...]