Luther’s Pact With the Devil

Great Moments in Reformation┬áHistory! Medieval gossips claimed that Luther’s mother was seduced by a demon disguised as a jewelry merchant, and that the demon then counseled Martin throughout his wayward journey into heresy. After a visit to Rome, so the stories go, he felt shabbily treated and asked his father how he could get his [Read More…]

Demons and Mental Illness: An Hour with Fr. Mike Driscoll

Mark Shea and I spent an informative hour on the radio with Fr. Driscoll, author of┬áDemons, Deliverance, Discernment : Separating Fact from Fiction about the Spirit World. Check it out: [Read more…]

Christopher Lee’s Best Movie

I was genuinely saddened to learn that Christopher Lee died last Sunday. For some of us, he wasn’t just great talent, but an iconic figure from our childhood. I was a Monster Kid of the 1970s: raised on Saturday matinees, the 4:30 movie, Chiller Theatre on channel 11 (that hand!), and Famous Monsters of Filmland. [Read More…]