Little Kids Just LOVE “Call of Duty”!


And, as if on cue, Activision once again shows its utter tone deafness by releasing children’s toys based on Call of Duty. The sets feature locations, figures, weapons, and vehicles from the games, which should not be played by anyone under age 17. These aren’t collectible action figures, which might be said to have an adult [Read More...]

Behold! The Lego Rosary


Posted at MementoMoose on Etsy. And don’t forget that Lego does Advent calenders in both Regular and Star Wars flavors, with a small self-contained thing for each day. (I have seen these Advent calendars sell out, so if you really want one don’t wait until December.) [Read more...]

Lego Star Wars Barrel Organ of Awesomeness


This is the Lego Star Wars Organ by Builders of Sounds: You turn it with a handle, and as the various figures pass under these hammers, they make music. Here’s how the team did it: “We took the iconic Star Wars Main Theme, rearranged it and translated it into a matrix – the constrution blueprint [Read More...]

So THAT’S What’s Inside a Lego Minifig


Who knew? from Geekologie [Read more...]