Dear Church, You’re Weird

This past weekend I did something I haven’t done in nearly six years: I attended Sunday morning worship at my family’s church. On Easter, no less. It was an interesting experience. I came away from that experience with a number of strong impressions, and I’d like to share them with you because I feel something can be learned from [Read More…]

Camp Quest Is Coming to Mississippi!

If you know anything about camps in the region of the country where I live, you know that they’re almost uniformly religious in nature. Even the ones which conceal their religious affiliations tend to recruit from among the devout from whichever tradition the directors inhabit…which is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for. But what [Read More…]

When Neither Atheists Nor Christians Offer You a Safe Space

Despite what many atheists would say, a lot of problems within Christian and other religious groups are mirrored in atheist groups. Both groups claim to be open minded, but there’s a reluctance to explore certain kinds of ideas within each camp. When exploring your beliefs while in a Christian group, they are certain that the [Read More…]

“Why Do You Go For A Murderer?” Children and Indoctrination

Every time I drive past a sign saying, “Trump/Pence 2016: Make America Great Again!” my little sister asks me, “Why do you go for a murderer?” She’s eight years old. My sister loves Donald Trump. When asked why she’ll say because he wants to Make America Great Again. She can’t tell you how he wants [Read More…]

The Diplomats and Firebrands Can Be Friends

This past weekend I got to be on a panel in the Skeptrack segment at Dragon*Con in Atlanta to debate the merits of varying approaches to atheist activism in the United States. On one end of the table, there were four guys from the board of the Atheist Alliance of America representing the “firebrand” approach which [Read More…]

Why Some People Can’t See Racism

The last few weeks have been exceptionally difficult for a number of people, myself included. To begin with, we had already gotten this year off to a tumultuous start by kicking off the most improbable presidential primary season in recent memory. One party’s primary was won by a narcissistic con artist with zero experience in public service, a person [Read More…]

Support Godless in Dixie Through Patreon

Between writing the blog, responding to emails, interacting with other writers, moderating discussion groups, traveling to speak to groups, appearing on podcasts, and generally networking with a growing list of friends, I’ve got my hands full! And there’s so much more I’d like to do.  I want to make more videos, and there are several creative [Read More…]

Teacher in Arkansas Suspended for Showing Passion of the Christ in Class

According to the Arkansas Times, a U.S. History teacher at Wilbur Mills High School in Little Rock, AR has been suspended for showing The Passion of the Christ in his classroom, for including a study guide (see image below) that blatantly evangelizes, and for going off on a racially and politically offensive rant in class [Read More…]

Why Atheists Like Me Keep Talking About God

Earlier this week, a member of a relatively liberal Christian Facebook group to which I belong asked why the atheists in the group feel the need to insert themselves into discussions about religion when they aren’t believers themselves.  If we don’t believe in God, why do we talk about him so much? Whenever someone asks why [Read More…]

Condescension Isn’t Kindness

Recently, an article ran about the award I received from the Freedom From Religion Foundation in the Clarion Ledger  and was later reprinted by the Hattiesburg American. I received the first ever Yip Harburg Youth Activist award for an article I wrote about cruel responses to the complaint the City of Collins received for their Christmas decorations. The [Read More…]