Wonder Woman: When Gods Come of Age

What do Guardians of the Galaxy, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Logan, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier all have in common? I mean, yes, besides the obvious details that they are all from the Marvel universe and they’re all entertaining films. They all brought in less money their first weekend than did Wonder Woman this past weekend, [Read More…]

Why Christian Women Can’t Get Ahead

Last week, Canadian writer and Christian feminist Sarah Bessey started a hashtag entitled #ThingsOnlyChristianWomenHear and the results were pretty fantastic. And by “fantastic” I mean stomach-curdling, exasperating, cathartic, and angering. Friends have already written about it here and here. You’ll find there samples of the typical things Christian women hear, and the fact that it trended so quickly only [Read More…]

Letters to My Daughters #9: Taking Ownership of Yourselves

You girls are growing up fast, and now that three of you are teenagers (how can this be?), the things I have to say to you are “aging up” as well. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the messages I know you are hearing in church, and while I usually keep my opinions about [Read More…]

Removing the Fig Leaf: A New Blog About Sexuality Without Shame

Abrahamic faiths have never been very big on celebrating the human body. While some religions revel in our inherent sensuality, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam each in their turn have taught us not to feel completely at home in our own physical selves. It all started, you see, with a fig leaf. Well, not really. That’s just a story [Read More…]

On the Sexualization of Science: A Response to Jerry Coyne

[Today’s guest post is by Melissa Chen, a geneticist at MIT and the editor of the Global Secular Humanist Movement] Accusations of “mansplaining” erupted the other day after the illustrious evolutionary biologist and best-selling author Dr. Jerry Coyne posted some views on his website that drew the ire of some feminists, though notably, many female scientists [Read More…]

Why Grown-Ups Need Sex Ed Too: Exposing the Long-Term Harm of Abstinence-Only Teachings

[Today’s guest post is written by Amber Barnhill, a single mother of two and a former fundy from Beaumont, Texas] I recently published an article about my experiences with abstinence-only sex shaming, er…”education,” and the discussions that followed showed me something really important. Even among progressives, the talk about this topic is almost exclusively focused [Read More…]

Body Shame 101: Lies the Church Told Me about My Own Sexuality

[Today’s guest post is written by Kylie, a friend and former evangelical who lives in the Pacific Northwest.] We start getting messages about sex and the culturally approved ways of expressing our sexuality long before our bodies even hit puberty. From birth, we are surrounded by these messages and we absorb and internalize them in the [Read More…]

A Letter to Bristol Palin

[Today’s guest post is written by Holly Baer, a religion and gender studies major at the University of Mississippi] Dear Bristol Palin, Our lives couldn’t look more different. You grew up in Alaska, I grew up in Mississippi. We both grew up as Christians, but you became a vocal advocate for Christianity and the pro-life movement [Read More…]