FAQ: Do You Ever Still Worry About Hell?

A friend of mine who still identifies as a Christian wrote me to ask me whether or not I’m still bothered by Pascal’s Wager. In case you’re not familiar, Pascal’s Wager refers to that age-old notion that a person, whether or not he fully believes it, should choose to live as if God were in fact real [Read More…]

Is It Loving to Warn People About Hell?

Fritz is an odd fellow. Patriotism runs deep in his family but he takes it to the next level, enjoining his children to faithfully recite the pledge of allegiance and sing the national anthem once a day every day of their lives. Loyalty to the United States of America is extremely important to him, and [Read More…]

I Drew the Line at Canaan

I quit attending church nearly six years ago, at which point I had already been an atheist for two. And let me tell you, it’s not easy attending church as an atheist, much less teaching Sunday School as one (interesting story I’ll tell you about another time). Today I’d like to tell you about the last [Read More…]

But What If You’re Wrong? A Response to a Christian Pastor

During any given week, I have a number of conversations ongoing with inquisitive folks who read the blog and want either to send me encouragement or else to challenge me to reconsider my disbelief in their religion. From time to time I like to share a sample of those conversations with the rest of you [Read More…]

When Being a Good Christian Means Being a Bad American

I have to admit, I’m enjoying just a little bit of schadenfreude watching evangelical Christians slowly begin to realize that “religious liberty” means Muslims have rights, too. As this article on NPR points out, “Religious liberty is a rallying cry for many evangelical voters,” and never has that been more clear than throughout our current presidential [Read More…]

The Evolution of Hell (and Why We’re Still Not Buying It)

Growing up in an evangelical church I was taught that no matter what it is you want or need, God himself is the answer.  You need comfort or security? God is where you get it.  You want guidance or companionship?  God is there for you.  You need discipline?  Affection?  Wisdom? God, God, God.  It reminds [Read More…]

Hell 2.0: Same Eternal Punishment, Now With Fewer Flames!

Are you tired of angry fundamentalist preachers spewing forth condemnation and judgment in the name of your faith?  Are you fed up with people being turned off by threats of never-ending torture in everlasting flames?  If so, have we got the thing for you! This isn’t your grandmother’s hellfire and brimstone, no sir.  This new Hell [Read More…]

Sometimes Love Really Is Abuse

The past couple of weeks there has been a lot of discussion about religious indoctrination and abuse.  A couple of weeks ago I received a good bit of pushback from my readers because I asserted that you shouldn’t call teaching creationism “child abuse.” If you check out that article (linked here) and sort the comments by number of [Read More…]

It’s Not Just the Messengers, It’s the Message, Too

I recently wrote a post highlighting the colossal failure that Christianity has proven to be when it comes to respecting personal boundaries (see “Christianity Has a Major Boundary Problem”).  I personally feel that’s inescapable when your starting point is that people are so wicked they deserve to be tortured forever.  To be fair, some versions [Read More…]

Hear Two Interviews with Godless in Dixie (Audio/Video)

This week I had the honor of being interviewed on two fantastic shows, one based in Minnesota and one based in Oklahoma. On Sunday morning I was interviewed on Atheists Talk, the weekly radio broadcast of the Minnesota Atheists, hosted by Mike Haubrich. We talked briefly about the CBS Sunday Morning segment that aired the [Read More…]