Apologetics: Preaching to the Choir

Apologetics isn’t for the lost, it’s for the already saved. Generally speaking, apologetics books and articles are written by Christians and for Christians, no matter who their authors claim are the target audience of their work. The only people who are ever impressed with the arguments therein are people who are already “within the fold.” [Read More…]

Our Biggest Mistake: We Did As We Were Told

Those of us who broke up with Jesus (he wouldn’t return our calls) are accustomed to having our motives and our sincerity questioned by those still happy with their faith. We get it all the time. We hear that we weren’t authentic enough, or we weren’t fully surrendered to the will of God, or we had some [Read More…]

Why I Believed the Bible for As Long As I Did

If you can make people feel something strongly, changing the way they think becomes a piece of cake. [Read more…]

The God Who Performs Party Tricks

The God of the Bible is not above performing party tricks. I feel this needs to be pointed out because some I know seem to think they can have it both ways. They insist that the biblical God performed miracle after miracle in order to validate himself, at times upon very specific demand from the [Read More…]

FAQ: What Do You Make of “Progressive Revelation?”

I spend a good deal of my time unpacking (and helping friends unpack) the ideas we all learned growing up in church. Many of these ideas are directly damaging (e.g. You’re wicked and deserve to be tortured), while others are indirectly harmful in the way that they confound attempts at critical thinking (e.g. You’re not supposed to [Read More…]

But That Was Just the Old Testament, Right?

I remember how much it bothered me back when I was a Christian and nonbelievers would cite the brutality of the Old Testament people, throwing their barbarism in our faces, as if doing so invalidated our own, more refined theological system. Didn’t they ever hear of progressive revelation? Don’t they realize God was saving the [Read More…]

What the Story of Lot Tells Me About the Bible

Years ago Robert Fulghum wrote a best-selling book entitled All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten. It was a clever title, even if a bit hyperbolic. I certainly hope he learned at least a few more things since those first few years of his life, but I still like his title. In fact, I [Read More…]

The Argument from Misunderstanding How Natural Selection Works

In my last post, I examined four (bad) arguments for the existence of God presented by Tim Keller in Chapter 8 of The Reason for God. I call them the Argument from Inexplicability, the Argument from Fabricated Probabilities, the Argument from Wishing, and the Argument from Regularity. As I’ve often pointed out, not only are arguments [Read More…]

For the Bible Tells Me? No.

I don’t have any concrete numbers for this, but I’m fairly certain that most Christians who take up apologetics as either a hobby or a career are inerrantists. By that I mean that they belong to one of those subsets of the Christian faith which believe that the Bible is right, not just about some [Read More…]

Believing in Evolution, But Not Too Much

Reading and critiquing an apologetics book is like trying to grab hold of a live eel covered with Crisco.  Anyone who approaches such a book with less than a sincere prior commitment to believing whatever it teaches will find it so full of rhetorical smoke and mirrors he can scarcely finish reading the thing.  It is a laborious, [Read More…]