The Best of Godless in Dixie in 2016

Here on the first day of the new year I want to look back to see which posts over the last twelve months found the most traction among the people who read Godless in Dixie. Just like every year, I’m going to list the top ten posts according to page views, and then throw in two [Read More…]

Groundhog Day: Finding Purpose Even If There’s No Tomorrow

February 2nd is upon us, which means it’s time once again to talk about one of my favorite movies of all time: Groundhog Day. Few movies have stimulated as much philosophical and theological debate as this one has.  There’s so much that could be said—and already has been said—about this movie.  About a decade after the movie’s release, [Read More…]

The Best of Godless in Dixie in 2015

On this last day of the year, the time has come once again to look back at the previous twelve months to see which articles touched a nerve the most with our readers.  What follows are the top ten most popular posts of the year, followed by a few of my own favorite posts which, [Read More…]

Can Atheists Learn Anything from the Religious?

Fellow atheists give me a hard time because I talk a lot about fostering constructive dialogue between ourselves and people on the other side of the aisle, so to speak.  They protest and ask, “What good can come of maintaining conversation with people who believe nonsense?” I understand where they’re coming from, but my feelings [Read More…]

Godless in Dixie Summer Tour: Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, and California

I may very well be coming to your area this summer!  If you live near any of the following cities, I’d love to have you drop in to hang out, get a bite to eat, or come listen to one of the talks I’m giving. For a more detailed breakdown of where I’ll be, see [Read More…]

Why We Need a Darwin Day Whether I Like It or Not

Yesterday in celebration of Darwin Day I went to hear Jerry Coyne speak about evolution and its detractors at the University of Southern Mississippi.  He did a great job of summing up the various lines of evidence which support the theory and he spoke briefly about the opposition which religious people in the United States continue [Read More…]

A Few Posts You May Have Missed

If you’re a regular reader of Godless in Dixie, you may still be missing a few of the articles I’ve written recently because I posted them on the Ex-Communications blog, a relatively new team blog for Recovering from Religion.  Recovering helps people unpack the baggage they accumulate as they work their way out of their religious [Read More…]

The Best of Godless in Dixie in 2014

The last day of the year seems like a good time to do a retrospective, and since everybody else is doing it, I thought I’d look back over the last twelve months and pull out the top ten most widely circulated posts in case you missed any of them.  Of course, just because these got [Read More…]

Help Us Destroy These Annoying Redirects, Please?

Many of you have voiced your frustrations to me about the annoying way this blog is causing redirects to game apps and random unwanted solicitations.  I feel your pain.  I have a bad internet connection at my day job and these redirects actually make it nearly impossible for me to comment on my own blog during [Read More…]

Comment Policy for Godless in Dixie

The RULES OF ENGAGEMENT on Godless in Dixie are very simple. Rule 1: It’s my blog; I can do what I want.  This blog space isn’t a democracy.  It’s a personal blog, not a government entity. You can whine all you like about free speech, but in here bigotry and verbal abuse will not be [Read More…]