Find a Group

SouthernTarget2In a cultural setting that privileges religious belief, skeptics and humanists will find it difficult to locate like-minded people with whom they can connect.  In particular, people in the Bible Belt harbor deep distrust and disdain for non-believers, which forces many atheists and “freethinkers” into anonymity.  It’s a very isolating and discouraging cultural reality where I live, but there are groups out there for such people, if you know how to find them!  In this space here I will build a list of atheist/agnostic/humanist groups, particularly those found in the Deep South and the Mid-West regions of the United States because those are the places where people I know are the most misunderstood because of their lack of belief in the supernatural.

Many of the most active groups are “secret” groups because the people within them have to be closeted for fear of social and professional ostracism (a fear that is justified).  For those groups, I will be asking for one contact person who doesn’t mind his or her name being on this list.  I will also keep a short list of contact people for those groups who have no one able to be “out” about their atheism (some places are that bad).  People can contact me and I will pass along their requests to those who put themselves on that short list.  For all the other groups, I will try to keep adding to this list below, and I would also encourage you to check out a friend’s visual database here.  It’s being updated as we speak, so keep checking back.

(List coming soon)