Presuppositional Atheism: Turning a Bad Argument Around

[Today’s guest post is written by Brian (aka “The Apostate“) who blogs over at A Pasta Sea.] Once upon a time, not so long ago, I was a Presuppositionalist. I’ve discussed this briefly before, but having grown weary and suspect of the weaknesses of apologetic methods like Thomistic arguments and evidentialism, I turned to the seemingly-unassailable circularity [Read More…]

Leaving Your Faith Isn’t as Self-Flattering as You Think

[Today’s guest post is written by Brian, aka “The Apostate,” who writes at A Pasta Sea] I suspect that the very existence of apostates might be a bit of an inconvenience for Christians. Not all apostates obviously. Many fit the preferred narrative quite well. These are the folks raised in the church who “go astray” [Read More…]

The Boxers of Christianity

[Today’s guest post is written by Brian, aka The Apostate, who writes at A Pasta Sea.] Earlier this week, Deanna posted about the narcissism of preaching. She paints an all-too-common portrait of members of the clergy. I have trouble finding fault with it. My only counterpoint would be to suggest something I’m sure she’d have no problem admitting. [Read More…]

Where Taking the Bible “Too Seriously” Can Lead

Today’s post is excerpted from a post written by my friend Brian over at his A Pasta Sea blog.   It is my opinion that the greatest impediment to the intelligibility of the Christian faith is, in fact, its foundational set of documents. Far from being an asset, the Bible is the Achilles’ heel soft underbelly of [Read More…]

Father Abraham Had Many Psychoses

It’s funny how you can read a story or watch a movie at two different times in your life and see it in two completely different lights each time.  The second time around, you notice things you never would have caught before.  I recently watched a favorite Bond movie and found myself saying, “Were his [Read More…]