Why Does Apostasy Hurt Some More Than Others?

I’ve had this idea rolling around in my head for some time, and I’d like to take a straw poll with my readers to see if I’m onto something or if I’m just imagining things. I’ve noticed that many of my post-theistic friends have horror stories to tell about how their families and communities responded to [Read More…]

The “Nones” vs. the “Dones”

By now you may have heard of “the nones,” those religiously non-affiliated Americans who now make up nearly a quarter of the overall population and a full third of Americans under the age of thirty.  The press and the media have begun to take notice and lately we’ve seen a growing number of stories drawing [Read More…]

Leaving Your Faith Isn’t as Self-Flattering as You Think

[Today’s guest post is written by Brian, aka “The Apostate,” who writes at A Pasta Sea] I suspect that the very existence of apostates might be a bit of an inconvenience for Christians. Not all apostates obviously. Many fit the preferred narrative quite well. These are the folks raised in the church who “go astray” [Read More…]

Why Even Nice Atheists Are Offensive to the Faithful

Have you discovered yet that even if you are the nicest person in the world, some people will still become angry at you for openly stating that you are an atheist? A friend reposted my review of God’s Not Dead onto her Facebook wall recently because she was seeking respect and understanding among her family and [Read More…]

You Were Never Really One of Us

The mind is an amazing thing. With it, we are capable of solving such complex puzzles and real-world problems! At the same time, we are also capable of shutting out large chunks of data, selecting only those streams of information which fall in line with what we expected to find in the first place. We [Read More…]

In Faith and In Doubt: Practical Help for Mixed Faith Marriages

Last Sunday I would have celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary if not for the fact that we divorced not long after our 16th.  After fourteen pretty good years and after bringing four beautiful girls into the world together, we hit an obstacle we didn’t have the right tools to overcome.  It would be more precise [Read More…]

How Toy Story Illustrates When I Lost My Faith

People who know me well know that I think in movie clips. Growing up, movies were my literature, and I still find great pleasure in going to the movies. So it’s no surprise that whenever I want to illustrate something really complicated or important to me, some scene or character from a movie always comes [Read More…]