What Bowling Can Teach Us About Prayer

I suppose I started celebrating Father’s Day a day early when I took my nine-year-old bowling yesterday, but of course that won’t stop me from doing it again today when I take her to my favorite place for catfish and hushpuppies (not a normal fare for a guy trying to keep from putting back on [Read More…]

Our Biggest Mistake: We Did As We Were Told

Those of us who broke up with Jesus (he wouldn’t return our calls) are accustomed to having our motives and our sincerity questioned by those still happy with their faith. We get it all the time. We hear that we weren’t authentic enough, or we weren’t fully surrendered to the will of God, or we had some [Read More…]

The Real Roots of Our Beliefs

Do you find it frustrating to talk to religious people about their beliefs? Nonreligious people often have a hard time understanding their devout counterparts, so they engage them in the kinds of conversations that are meant to tease out the intellectual nuances in what they believe in order to better understand them. It doesn’t take [Read More…]

Changing Gods In Midstream

Halfway through his book The Reason for God, Presbyterian minister Tim Keller pauses for an “intermission” in which he pivots from his previous misrepresentation deconstruction of “the seven biggest objections…people in our culture have about the Christian faith” to lay the groundwork for part two of his book, the part in which he finally gives [Read More…]

Religion and the Nepotism of the Mind

Nepotism happens when a person in a position of power or privilege rewards a relative with another position of power simply because they are related. As long as there have been human beings, there has been nepotism. I’m pretty sure it happens in every living species with a social hierarchy, but humans generally denounce the practice because [Read More…]

Why Do Intelligent, Well-Educated People Still Believe Nonsense?

Last night for the third time in as many months I found myself explaining to someone raised outside of a devoutly religious environment that religious people are not stupid simply because they believe nonsensical things. Each of the three times I’ve had this conversation it’s been with a different person whose professional life has increasingly [Read More…]

The Core of the Christian Faith Isn’t Intellectual, It’s Emotional

Over the past few days during spare moments on planes and in between meetings I’ve been working my way through reading Tim Keller’s oft-recommended book The Reason for God. I’ve heard so many Christian friends sing its praises that I had to finally check it out. I also have a growing collection of formerly Christian friends [Read More…]

Having Faith in Faith Itself

Did you know that many evangelicals think Catholics are going to Hell? Some won’t publically admit it but they believe that because Catholics don’t believe the right things about how a person is “saved,” they don’t make it into Heaven. From the Protestant point of view, Catholic theology teaches that there are certain things you [Read More…]

If You Have To Believe, It Probably Isn’t Real

When I was little, my parents taught me to believe there was a person who was always watching me, keeping record of all the good things and bad things I do. I couldn’t see him, they told me, but somehow he could be anywhere and everywhere without any limitations of time or space. I shouldn’t [Read More…]

Do Atheists Have Faith?

If I had a nickel for every time someone told me that atheists have faith, too, I could quit my day job.  Okay, so maybe that’s an exaggeration but I probably could at least afford a pretty decent steak dinner.  It’s very frustrating to hear and it’s not for the reason the person saying it [Read More…]