Why Christians Don’t Like Sharing Their Faith

A few weeks ago I attended my family’s church because my oldest was being recognized among the seniors graduating from high school (yes, I’m old enough for such things). Attending the church of my youth is always interesting and entertaining, and most likely in all the wrong ways if what they’re hoping is that I’ll [Read More…]

Dear Church, You’re Weird

First of all, church, you need to know that the way you talk about Jesus is super creepy. And yes, I know that will offend some of you [Read more…]

Four Ways Tim Keller’s Gospel Fails to Deliver

In the penultimate chapter of his Reason for God, Tim Keller attempts to pull together all the loose threads strewn about this apologetic work, weaving them together into a coherent vision for the world. He offers his belief system as a superior alternative to the one the rest of the world wants you to accept, [Read More…]

The Most Fantastically Failed Prayer in History

Defenders of the Christian faith love to move discussions about their religion from objective matters to subjective ones, from measurable things to the immeasurable, and from quantifiable subjects to those which are completely nebulous—or more to the point, unfalsifiable. This is a telling compulsion, and every time it happens it reminds me why I eventually lost [Read More…]

The Church Doesn’t Get to Make the Rules About Sex Anymore

A few weeks ago a young friend of mine wrote a guest post for me entitled “Sex as a Southern Woman: A Story of Shame.” In that piece, she explained what it’s like coming of age as a sexually active woman in the Deep South, where even the teachers of Sex Ed un-ironically refer to [Read More…]

Your Religion May Be Harmful If…

People who read this blog probably find it difficult to decide where on the wide spectrum of atheism I should be placed. I probably sound like I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth.  One second I’m reaching across the religious aisle seeking to find common ground with natural allies and the next I’m critiquing [Read More…]

How to Love an Atheist (If You’re Very Religious)

A friend of mine who is an Evangelical Christian noted that on more than one occasion I’ve called them out for failing to adequately show love to those of us who have left their ranks.  In my review of God’s Not Dead, I criticize the film’s creators as well as its adoring fans for so [Read More…]

It Gets Better: A Letter to Doubters

[Today’s guest post is written by Matt Oxley of Eastman, GA] I remember thinking – knowing really, during that indescribably difficult and painful time of my life when all of my doubts were finally being dealt with – that this darkness and self-hatred was something I was destined to endure until I died. I remember this feeling, hopelessness, being [Read More…]

A Preacher’s Kid’s Deconversion Story

Today’s guest post is written by David Simms of Alpharetta, GA: Inside the atheist blogosphere, it’s easy to read the growing number of stories about atheists coming out to their loved ones and to walk away with a dismal view of religious people and an awful sense of hopelessness.  Let’s face it – many theists [Read More…]

Letters to My Daughters

Ordinarily a father can speak freely with his children about his own faith (or lack thereof) in a fairly unguarded way.  But my situation is more complex than that.  At the beginning of my fatherhood adventure, I was essentially an evangelical Christian.  Now that my girls are entering adolescence, however, I more readily identify with [Read More…]