Maybe Fighting God Isn’t the Point

Not every development in human evolution serves to perpetuate the species. Not every variation benefits us in more ways than it harms us. There ultimately is no rhyme or reason to what happens from moment to moment—there is only order in what remains over the long haul because only those things beneficial to the preservation and [Read More…]

Five Times When Jesus Sounded Like a Humanist

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a fan of Jesus. If the reports of what he taught his followers have any truth to them, he said a number of things to which I object (and I don’t mean just the parts about believing in invisible spirits). The Jesus I Don’t Like For one thing, [Read More…]

Updated Summer Itinerary: Now with More North Carolina

Attention, North Carolinians!  I’ve added one more stop on the Godless in Dixie summer tour. The Triangle Freethought Society is having me come talk to them about “The Rise of the Nones: What it means, and what it doesn’t” on Monday, June 15, the day after the Sunday Assembly in Nashville. So if you’re in the [Read More…]

Beyond Argumentation: A Call for Art and Activism

Editors’ Note: This article is part of the Public Square 2014 Summer Series: Conversations on Religious Trends. Read other perspectives from the Patheos community here. Who is winning the culture war between secularists and fundamentalists?  It depends on where you look.  Adam Lee over at Daylight Atheism suggests that the sensationalized media attention currently enjoyed by Evangelicals gives the [Read More…]

I Am Not A Freethinker (and neither are you)

“Know Thyself” — ancient Greek proverb. I have never cared for the word “freethinker” even though I myself have used it on occasion to denote a skeptic/atheist/agnostic.  When I use the term, I do so in order to avoid monotony; I am trying to swap out the words I use to describe a demographic to [Read More…]