The Dark Side of Grace

People who are in abusive relationships learn to see themselves as “lucky” for having their abusers in their lives. How is that possible, you ask? The dynamic is really easy to explain. No matter how tough or powerful they may seem, abusive people tend to be deeply insecure. Consequently, they spend a great deal of time and energy tearing down [Read More…]

Your Religion Is Special, Just Like All the Others

I remember believing that my religion was unlike all other religions in the world. I was taught growing up that Christianity was special. It had something that no other religion had, and that uniqueness spoke to its authenticity. Why uniqueness automatically indicates legitimacy I’m not exactly sure, but somehow it felt like it should. The usual [Read More…]

Chocolat and the Impotence of Religion

If people behave well because they fear punishment, is it really accurate to say they are “good people?” I ask this because it comes up a lot for atheists like myself.  When people learn I don’t believe in spirits, gods, or afterlives, the first question I tend to get is, “Well, what’s to stop you from [Read More…]