The Dark Side of Grace

People who are in abusive relationships learn to see themselves as “lucky” for having their abusers in their lives. How is that possible, you ask? The dynamic is really easy to explain. No matter how tough or powerful they may seem, abusive people tend to be deeply insecure. Consequently, they spend a great deal of time and energy tearing down [Read More…]

Everything You Do Is Wrong

Two-thirds of the way through a book entitled The Reason for God, Tim Keller openly admits on page 162 that he isn’t even going to attempt to provide evidence that God exists. Why not? Because, he says, you already know God exists. All of you. Atheists, too. He’s just trying to make you see that [Read More…]

Why Sex May Be the Greatest Threat to Christianity

I recently tweeted something of an epiphany and I’d like to take a minute to unpack what I meant when I said it: Some days I wonder if an honest look at human sexuality isn’t the strongest counterapologetic to the Christian faith anywhere. — Neil Carter (@godlessindixie) January 27, 2016 That statement reflects a growing conviction [Read More…]

The Perils of Worshiping a Perfectionist God

[Today’s guest post is written by Holly Baer, a religion and gender studies major at the University of Mississippi] “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” As a child, I felt guilt constantly. I felt constantly bombarded with my failures and short-comings, despite the fact that I acted like the new intellectual savior. [Read More…]

How Christian Groveling Protects the System

At risk of adding to anyone’s Duggar fatigue, something stood out to me this week which I want to highlight once more because it struck a nerve for me personally.  A friend of mine alerted me to one of Greg Garrett‘s responses to the Duggar scandal that’s currently dominating the religious blogosphere.  It’s a self-flagellating mea culpa [Read More…]

We Are Not Broken

I’m trying to be constructive. Really, I am.  I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic about the prospect of forging a common vocabulary and finding common ground with progressive Christians but right this minute I’m getting very discouraged. See, it only works up to a point.  We start out in agreement on a number of [Read More…]

What Has Atheism Done For Me?

A friend once asked me whether or not my life is better now that I no longer believe in invisible spirits or the supernatural. My answer is that it’s a mixed bag. On the negative side, I must say that the reactions of people who liked me better when I still had faith have been [Read More…]