Maybe Fighting God Isn’t the Point

Not every development in human evolution serves to perpetuate the species. Not every variation benefits us in more ways than it harms us. There ultimately is no rhyme or reason to what happens from moment to moment—there is only order in what remains over the long haul because only those things beneficial to the preservation and [Read More…]

Note From a Pastor: Finding Meaning in Our Myths

This past weekend I got an email from a Presbyterian pastor (PCUSA) asking some really good questions, and I’d like to share them with you here in abbreviated form (with permission, of course). I think they’re good appetizers for a better-than-usual discussion about how faith and religion function in the world, and about the consequences [Read More…]

Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower: Finding Common Ground

“If Jesus had a ‘sh*t list,’ you wouldn’t find people on it. You’d find attitudes and actions. Not wrong people but wrong ideas, behaviors, and ways of being in the world…He could see the humanity even in the soldiers who were carrying out his execution.” Tom Krattenmaker, Confessions of a Secular Jesus Follower, page 28-29 [Read More…]

Five Times When Jesus Sounded Like a Humanist

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a fan of Jesus. If the reports of what he taught his followers have any truth to them, he said a number of things to which I object (and I don’t mean just the parts about believing in invisible spirits). The Jesus I Don’t Like For one thing, [Read More…]

An Atheist’s Take on the “Spirituality” of Sex

This month, Patheos is hosting a cross-channel discussion about the spirituality of sex, asking people from each religious tradition to weigh in on what their faith has to say about the subject. What kinds of rules does each tradition establish to manage and guide our sensual and romantic experiences? Are there any definitive texts that [Read More…]

Are Human Beings Fundamentally Wicked?

This morning I saw a man on his morning jog stopping to pick up a broken beer bottle off the side of the street along with several other tiny pieces of glass that had broken off. It wasn’t even in his own yard, but he interrupted his run anyway in order to grab the sharp [Read More…]

Is Humanity Fundamentally “Broken?” (A Conversation)

Earlier this week I wrote a piece explaining how the Christian message teaches self-hatred because it is predicated upon the contention that humans are fundamentally sinful creatures. Even the nicer forms of Christianity still choose negative descriptors for the human race because in order to need a savior, you have to need saving from something. [Read More…]

When Political Pandering Turns Dangerous

As an atheist who lives in a highly religious community, it should come as no surprise that religious liberty is very important to me.  In fact, long before I ever became such I was raised as a Baptist, and they of all people should know that religious freedom requires keeping the church out of matters [Read More…]

Who Gives Peace to the Peacemakers?

[Today’s guest post is written by Galen Broaddus, a web developer, secular celebrant, and former evangelical living in central Illinois] In a lot of ways, I am very fortunate for the situation I’ve found myself in since my deconversion from Christianity. Despite having very religious and conservative parents, one of whom (my father) was a [Read More…]

Why Abrasive Atheism Will Always Sell Better

People often approach me to tell me how much they appreciate my tone when I write and speak about leaving my former faith.  Of course, I do still offer criticism when I feel it’s appropriate, but I don’t resort to name calling, belittling, or impugning the intelligence or character of those who disagree with me. [Read More…]