Am I Raising My Kids to Be Atheists?

We’ve had a fun intramural spat here on The Heathen Channel at Patheos over whether or not you should deliberately raise your kids to be atheists.  If you’d like to catch up on that discussion you can read here, here, here, here, and again here.  I could spend lots of time interacting point-by-point with what [Read More…]

In Faith and In Doubt: Practical Help for Mixed Faith Marriages

Last Sunday I would have celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary if not for the fact that we divorced not long after our 16th.  After fourteen pretty good years and after bringing four beautiful girls into the world together, we hit an obstacle we didn’t have the right tools to overcome.  It would be more precise [Read More…]

Advice for the Unequally Yoked

After the kids were in bed, we sat down on the couch like we always did to watch an episode of Friends followed by the local news. I turned to my wife of thirteen years and asked her a question she did not see coming: “Could you see yourself still being married to me if [Read More…]