You Don’t Own Me

Over the past weekend, a Christian writer I’ve begun following wrote on her Facebook wall that marriage does not entitle a spouse to a sense of ownership of the other person. She began the discussion with a succinct, assertive statement: The text of her post reads: A man does not *own* a woman’s body (and vice [Read More…]

FAQ: Advice About “Coming Out” Atheist to My Spouse?

From time to time I receive emails from fellow skeptics who are going through that often gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking experience of being “unequally yoked” with a spouse who occupies a significantly different place on the belief spectrum. “Mixed faith” marriages can be stress-inducing, and there are no easy answers or formulaic steps for successfully navigating that [Read More…]

When the In-Laws Try to Help

An online friend recounted a story this week, and it touched a nerve for me. He and his wife have been working through their differences since he became an atheist, and it sounds like they are making some progress, perhaps arriving at a few compromises. But anyone who has walked through this knows that the [Read More…]

Help! My Husband Has Become an Atheist!

I often get contacted by deconverts who are married to still-believers and are trying to navigate the minefields of conflicting beliefs which their marriages have become. This week, however, I received a communication from the still-believing wife asking for help in understanding and loving her apostate husband. Here was her letter to me (personal details [Read More…]

How Christianity Stunted My Relational Growth

I used to think I was a relationship expert.  Boy, was I wrong. I was married for 16 years, 14 of which were pretty good years.  By “pretty good” I mean that we felt like we were a pretty good team, and others seemed to agree with us.  We never fought, never raised our voices [Read More…]

In Faith and In Doubt: Practical Help for Mixed Faith Marriages

Last Sunday I would have celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary if not for the fact that we divorced not long after our 16th.  After fourteen pretty good years and after bringing four beautiful girls into the world together, we hit an obstacle we didn’t have the right tools to overcome.  It would be more precise [Read More…]

New Christian Movie Based on the Life of King Solomon Champions Monogamy

If you were wondering when the influx of Christian-themed movies is going to die down, the answer is:  Not yet.  Maybe not for a long, long time, in fact. Ever since Mel Gibson’s The Passion took in over $600 million at the box office, film companies have become aware that Christians buy movie tickets, and [Read More…]

Advice for the Unequally Yoked

After the kids were in bed, we sat down on the couch like we always did to watch an episode of Friends followed by the local news. I turned to my wife of thirteen years and asked her a question she did not see coming: “Could you see yourself still being married to me if [Read More…]

An Atheist’s Take on Sex and Monogamy

Some people seem to think that the most important thing about you is what you do with your genitals.  I disagree.  On the other hand (heh), it’s not inconsequential, either.  Hang with me for a bit here and I’ll try to explain what I mean. Like most men, I’ve given sex a great deal of [Read More…]